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Nationwide Drafting and Office Supply offers the best drafting tables and drafting table accessories. We pride ourselves on having the largest inventory and we are sure to have a drafting table that suits your needs. Choose from different drafting table sizes and shapes. We even have fold away drafting tables that are perfect for home, office and dormitory use. In addition, we have adjustable drafting tables that are easily manipulated to your optimal drafting table height. Whether you are looking for drafting tables for the workplace of a set of tables for a classroom we can cater to your every need.

Whatever your budget may be, we have a rugged, durable, and precise drafting table for you. All of our drafting tables and drafting table accessories are built for accuracy and are guaranteed to be long lasting. Adjust each table to your desired working height and enjoy. A functional drafting table with solid construction is a crucial addition to your workspace. So whether you are a designer, contractor, or student you can choose the right drafting table to suit your needs. For more information regarding our drafting tables or drafting table accessories please feel free to contact us or call 1-800-655-5803.

Alvin_Vanguard_ van42.png Alvin Vanguard Wood Drafting & Art Table
$499.00 $309.98 On Sale!

Wm_sm.jpg Alvin Workmaster Drafting & Art Table
Free Freight

berkely_combo Martin Universal Berkeley Classic 4-Piece Drafting Table Set
Free Freight
Rangers2_sm.jpg Mayline Ranger Steel 4-Post Drafting Table

CraftTable_sm.jpg Alvin CraftMaster Cherry Hobby Station

Free Freight

$188.98 CM40-3-WBR

CM40-4-WB-D_lg.jpg Alvin CraftMaster Hobby Station
Free Freight

Futurematic_sm.jpg Mayline Futur-Matic Electric Drafting Table

AlvinOnyx_sm.jpg Alvin Onyx Fold-Away Drafting Table
Free Freight

Rangers2SteelPost_sm.jpg Mayline Economy Ranger Steel 4-Post Drafting Table

AlvinOpal_sm.jpg Alvin Opal Fold-Away Drafting Table

From $181.98

SplitTopTable_sm.jpg SMI Oak 4-Post Split Top Drafting Table

SMI4post_sm.jpg SMI Unfinished Solid Oak 4-Post Adjustable Drafting Table

From $389

MLwood4post_sm.jpg Mayline Wood 4-Post Drawing Table

AlvinTitanIIOakTable_smll Alvin Titan II Oak Drafting Table

From $559.

AP436-D_sm.jpg Alvin Pavillion Drafting & Drawing Table

ET60_4-D_sm.jpg Alvin Elite Drafting Table

smi3660_sm.jpg SMI 4-Post Professional Series Drafting Table

WOB42-D_sm.jpg Alvin Oak Wood 4-Post Drafting Table

AlvinTItanWalnutTable_sm Alvin Titan Walnut Finish Drafting Table

From $296.00

Drafting144b_sm.jpg Mayline Ranger Split-Top Drafting Table

DM60CT-sm.jpg Alvin DesignMaster 4-Post Steel Drawing Table

DraftAdjTableSM.jpg Mayline Dual Adjustment Drafting Table

3957_planmaster_sm.jpg Safco Planmaster Plus Drafting Table

MM36-5-D_sm.jpg Alvin Minimaster Drafting Table
ashleycreativectr_sm.gif Martin Universal Ashley Creative Center

Free Freight

$159.98 U-DS92ST

craftmaster2 Alvin Craftmaster II Deluxe Hobby and Drawing Station

craftmasterjrcm30-3-wbrsmall.jpg Alvin CraftMaster Jr. Drawing Table $118.00 CM30-3-WBR

WeberCreationStation_UDS90W_sm Martin Universal Creation Station
Free Freight
MXZdrawingtbl_sm_2.gif Martin Universal MXZ Drawing Table
Free Freight
CC2001A-D_sm.jpg Alvin Complete 4-Piece Creative Center
Free Freight
creationstation_sm.gif Martin Universal Creation Station 4-Piece Studio Drafting Table Set
Free Freight
safcosplitleveltableSmall.jpg Safco Height Adjustable Split Level Drafting Table
DM48CT-sm.jpg Alvin DesignMaster Compact 4-Post Drawing Table
AlvinTitanIISplitTopTable_smll Alvin Titan II Split-Top Oak Drafting Table
berkeley_foldaway Martin Universal Berkeley Classic Foldaway Drafting Table
Free Freight

manchester.jpg Martin Universal Manchester Hobby Table
Free Freight
berkeleypremiercombo.jpg Martin Universal Berkeley 4-Piece Premier Combo Drafting Table Set
Free Freight
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