Chartpak Film

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ChartPak Drafting and Design Applique Film
Use Chartpak drafting and design applique film for easy reproduction and correction of drafting and design details.

Matte Top Sheet:

  • Disappears when applied
  • Copies well in Diazo process
  • Suggested uses: presentation, prototypes, vellum drawings
    Clear Top Sheet:
  • Eliminate ghosting in Diazo process
  • Gives slick gloss finish to comps
  • Suggested uses: "Pin" drafting, comps, presentations
    Repositionable Adhesive:
  • Repositionable over time
  • Stays put in Diazo process
  • Suggested uses: preliminary drawings, rough comps

    Matte surface, permanent adhesive, 8.5" x 11", 100 sheets (#DAF8) $123.98 AddToCart.gif 

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